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February 19, 2018

Ivory Coast Breaking news - Inspection and Verification of conformity program

Implementation of CoC (Certificate of Conformity)

The CoC will be required for customs’ clearance.

All exporters (to Côte d’Ivoire) need to obtain the CoC.

All goods with FOB value higher or equal to 1,000,000 FCFA or 1,525.00 EUR

are subjected to the CoC program (except the exemptions – attached list).

Approved entities are : BIVAC BV / COTECNA / INTERTEK / SGS


As from April, 16th 2018

Date of

-Bill of lading


-Consignment Note (Road / Rail)


Goods arriving in Côte d’Ivoire without the CoC will not be allowed to enter the country, nor cleared and will be subject to a fine of 50% of CIF Value.

CoC rates will be applied according to 3 ‘routes’ (routes definition still to be clarified):

-Route A : 0,45% of the FOB value of goods imported

-Route B : 0,40% of the FOB value of goods imported

-Route C : 0,30% of the FOB value of goods imported

Reactive action plan

BTL CI to check with the Ministry of Commerce on the different routes’ definitions.

Inform all clients on this new implementation in order to obtain the CoC for future shipments.

Shall you have any question, please contact:

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