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Antrak Logistics manages all the pre- and post shipment details of a project. We manage complex shipments across six continents, taking responsibility for a client’s complete transport needs.

Research and Planning

Pre- and post shipment planning is a critical function for our organisation. Antrak Logistics produces route surveys recommending maximum dimensions and weight restrictions and the requisite transport methods for any given project.

At an early stage, we plan shipping schedules, flag potential transport problems and recommend appropriate solutions to save clients cost and frustrations.

Logistics Managements

Given the complexity of shipping awkward, out-of-gauge project material, we formulate precise plans and procedures so that deliveries can be carefully orchestrated according to the needs of the client.

Shipping and Support Services

Antrak Logistics identifies the best available shipping methods and competitive schedules, developing a logistics programme that matches the project’s criteria as accurately as possible. When needed, we source appropriate charter vessels. This can mean the chartering of part or full vessels according to cargo volumes and tonnage availability.


The group arranges specialist cargo consolidation, inspection and ex-works collection of consignments from vendors throughout the world working closely with pre-shipment inspectorates when required.


With long experience handling challenging documentary procedures in the developing world, Antrak Logistics provides a quality documentation service pre-empting potential trouble spots, undertaking liaison with Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), Port, Ministry and Customs authorities to ensure that documentation is in place and all formalities have been properly complied with.


We take charge of shipments, arranging all loading, physical shipments and port formalities, keeping clients informed about dates and other important issues affecting delivery.


Customs formalities at the port of discharge, on-carriage and contract haulage are an integral part of our service. We are well versed in handling difficult trucking operations and provide highly effective vehicle management services. To improve distribution efficiencies, we also provide on-site cargo handling, marshalling and storage services.


Delivery schedules and computer tracking reports are an important feature of our logistics package. These can be formatted according to specific client requirements. For enhanced management and peace of mind, we can arrange on-line connections between principals, sites and major contractors.

Abnormal Loads

Antrak Logistics is a highly proficient transporter of oversize, heavy lift and other abnormal loads. To avoid late modifications and engineering changes, we recommend our involvement with planning at the earliest possible stage in a project’s design phase.

Transport planning for abnormal loads is therefore conducted in close liaison with the client’s design engineers and fabricators.

Inventory and Delivery Controls

We operate detailed storage, distribution and delivery controls. This means precise inventories can be kept and project material and equipment can be called forward in a well ordered sequence according to client requirements. Deliveries are therefore easily traced and prioritised, and the risk of mis-timed distribution or materials loss are minimised.

Safety and Security

Safety and security throughout the transport chain are of paramount importance to us and all our operations are conducted under a strict code of practice.

Commitment and Accountability

Our commitment is to rigorous quality standards delivering cargo safely, securely and on time, providing a service that you can trust.

Tariff Consultancy

Australian Customs enhanced Project Bylaw Scheme allows concessional rates of duty for projects that exceed $10 million. Applicants must demonstrate that the capital equipment to be imported is not produced in Australia in the ordinary course of business. Antrak Logistics are able to provide consultancy services to determine eligibility of goods for Tariff Concession and Custom Bylaws and advise on policy and administrative criteria which must be considered when applying for duty concessions on imported capital equipment.

Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) Cleaning Service

Antrak Logistics can offer a full facility start to finish service for quotation of overseas based equipment requiring complete clean down to meet the strict AQIS requirements for equipment entering Australia. This facility offers all aspects of the transfer requirement including on-site inspection , service quotation , provision of a clean down crew , preparation of equipment for port to port dispatch , receivals at the end port, all cranage and transport facilities as well as all relevant documentation including Customs.

Charter Services

With fully experienced and professional personnel, Antrak Logistics can offer a full charter service encompassing initial arrangement of a door to door or door to port service on over dimensional ,out of gauge and awkward loads from origin to destination. This service includes cranage, shipping, documentation and storage if required.

Our excellent relationships with some of the world`s largest shipping lines and air cargo companies will ensure that your freight will reach its destination in a safe and speedy manner.

We offer a professional, worldwide service in all conditions.

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