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COVID -19 update

The COVID crisis is having a significant effect on manufacturing operations and International supply chains around the world.  Governments have implemented strict limitations on the movement of people and goods, and these measures are having a major impact on the movement of  goods, including:

  • Limitations on air freight capacity due to cancelled passenger flights 

  • Limitations on sea freight capacity due to reduced  sailings

  • Delays  border crossings as a result of driver testing and vehicle inspections

  • Closed borders

Supply chains remain open however Government imposed restrictions have seen a significant reduction in freight services. Airlines have canceled a number of passenger flights which have a significant effect of freight capacity and seafreight carriers are monitoring freight volumes and we can expect a shortfall in capacity if cargo bookings decline.  Antrak are seeking to mitigate delays in the supply chain by closely monitoring all freight services and identifying freight options.  Antrak are  committed to ensuring the continuity of freight services and will work with our clients and their suppliers to identify innovative solutions to ensure the maintenance of supply chains. Antrak will distribute daily bulletins noting the status of freight services at both origin and destination which will be tailored to each clients' specific tradelanes.

Ted Del Borrello and Tim Kelly

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